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The Soul of the Filipino in Dance

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The Christian 
and Dance

The Redemption of Dance for Christian Worship


There are matters concerning bodily movements in Christian worship that might as well lead to the ultimate question: To dance or not to dance?

To clap or not to clap? To raise hands or not to raise hands?
To kneel or not to kneel?



Pastor Ed Lapiz is the founder and Artistic and Dance Director of KALOOB Philippine Music and Dance Ministry. Read more

Other Spiritual Fruits of Redeeming Dance, Especially Indigenous Dance

Indigenous communities in the Philippines are the repositories of rich cultural heritage. Most of their cultural expressions predate colonization.

As Christian churches start to patronize these indigenous culture for Christian worship, the demand for indigenous materials such as musical instruments and woven cloths for use in church wear will increase. Tribal people can then go back to their looms to weave again. The younger generation will start learning their elder’s weaving techniques as well as the production of indigenous musical instruments.

Our tribal people will then have a significant contribution to the country’s economic recovery, especially their own, not to mention that Christian churches will be much more colorful, interesting and relevant.

This includes music, dance, beliefs, festivities and material heritage. For hundreds of years now, many such tribes have kept their traditions, resisting the influences of colonization and globalization. However, at the onset of “evangelization” to the tribes, indigenous Filipino communities started to abandon their traditional music and dances upon being convinced by missionaries that these were “of the devil.” Through careful cultural redemption, what was lost—including their sense of self, personhood and dignity— could be returned to them! This redemptive ministry will also validate and encourage tribal folk. For so long, the Christian church has unwittingly stripped them of self-worth by systematically rejecting and destroying their cultural heritage. With enlightened appreciation and use of such art forms, the Church can now reverse her culturally destructive role and even become the patroness of indigenous art. With the realization that they can be true worshipers of the true God in the context of their own culture, these tribal people can rediscover themselves and thus be rooted and founded in their heritage. They can be unshackled from their inferiority complex and realize their fullest potentials.

Kaloob researchers watch and document the sound and song of the indigenous.

A YouTube user uploads footage from the movie King David but replaces the original soundtrack with the song, “Dance like David Danced.”

Pastor Ed Lapiz, author and originator of cultural redemption as a better paradigm in dealing with the indigenous, is shown with the T’boli people of T’boli, South Cotabato in 1996, during one his forays into deep country.

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