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The Soul of the Filipino in Dance

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that of a researcher, a nationalist, a pastor, a dance director, a writer, to name but five. And whilst the published body of work names him author -- and a prolific one, the word gives meager account as he is accomplished across several media, being acknowledged and even celebrated on radio and television, pulpit and podium. There is a vision though, threading through the array of efforts and achievements and the magnitude of the work: to reclaim from history and fading memory what is good in indigenous arts and culture for active employment in the building of a nation.

“Ginoong Ed Lapiz’s résumé reads more like several, describing completely discrete lives,


The Filipinization of Christian Church liturgy and decolonization of Philippine Christianity.

The preservation and development of the Ifugao Rice Terraces. He founded and heads Gayyum di Payo, a society committed to this cause.

The preservation and development of heritage architecture. He has done extensive research on old Filipino mansions. He successfully advocated for the inclusion of backdoor/service stairs at the Rizal Shrine in Calamba

Pistang Kristiano: He initiated the celebration of the annual fiesta among Evangelical Christians, in the context of the colorful Filipino tradition. Since 1997, the Pistang Kristiano has been celebrated annually, in both national and local levels.


Staging of Philippine music and dance in the Philippines, Middle East, Europe and America

Teaching of Philippine music and dance to enthusiasts.

Collection and publication of Bulacan folk poetry. Sa Gulugod ng Kalabaw: Mga Tula ng Bulakan 1928-1997 was published with a grant from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts in 1998.

Collection of indigenous oral traditions. Tboli Tudbulul epic (Being transcribed and translated for publication)Ifugao Hudhud, Alim, Liw-liwa (Being transcribed and translated for publication)Tboli Slingon dowry-arrangement chants.

Production of music albums to help define and promote Philippine sound, especially in Christian liturgy. "Pagsamba Sa Saliw ng Katutubong Tugtog", a recording of Christian worship songs and liturgy using indigenous musical instruments and musicality. "Pagsamba Sa Saliw ng Rondalla", a collection of Christian worship songs using the rondalla and folk musical traditions.

Researches on the music and dance traditions of the Ifugao, Kalinga, Kankanaey, Aeta, Mamanwa, Tboli, Bukidnon, Bagobo, Higaonon, Maranao, Yakan,  Maguindanao, Tausug, Sama Di Laut,  Palawanon, Tagbanua, Tagabawa Bagobo, Obo Manobo, Tigwahanen Manobo Mamanwa, Alangan, Tau Buid, and Iraya Mangyan.

Aside from Kaloob and other nationalist concerns, the pastor has several other professions.

Broadcaster: He hosts various radio programs aired in the Philippines, West Asia and Africa, Canada and the USA 

Speaker: He is continually invited to lecture in seminars, symposia, retreats, milestone occasions, etc. among government, civic, cultural, artistic NGOs and religious organizations in the Philippines and abroad.

Head Pastor: He founded and heads Day By Day Christian Ministries, a fellowship with congregations in the Philippines, Japan, Middle East, Canada and the USA.


Doctor of Philosophy in Philippine Studies, University of the Philippines, Tri-College Philippine Studies Program

Master of Arts in Philippine Studies University of the Philippines, College of Arts and Letters

Bachelor of Arts in Philippine Arts  Including Mass Communication studies, University of the Philippines

Philippine Music and Dance, More than 30 years of research, teaching and staging of productions/works

Islamic Arts, University of the Philippines Manila under Mr. Abraham Sakili

Stage and Production Design, University of the Philippines Manila, and Cultural Center of the Philippines under Mr. Salvador Bernal

Technical Writing, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Asian-European Cultural Exchange  Gesselschaft fur Internationale Begegnung, Cologne, West Germany

As ambassador of goodwill, speaker, guest, observer, researcher on heritage architecture, theater, music, dance and other cultural concerns.

Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, (Former) Federal Republic of Germany, (Former) Democratic Republic of Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Luxembourg, Macau, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peoples’ Republic of China, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, (Former) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,  United States of America, Yemen Arab Republic.



Alagad ng Kultura

Observing a T'boli traditional music performance.

Ed Lapiz with Ye Mendung, T'boli chanter of the epic Tud- bulul, research mission in South Cotabato.

He is founder, artistic director, chief researcher and dance director of the Kaloob Philippine Music and Dance Ministry. His academic background includes studies in Mass Communication and Anthropology,
a Bachelor’s Degree in Philippine Arts and a Master’s Degree in Philippine Studies, all from the University of the Philippines. A prolific writer on Philippine culture, he is a strong advocate for uplifting the country’s cultural heritage. Pastor Ed has also produced and directed many cultural performances in the Philippines, East Asia, Europe and North America. Along with and through KALOOB, he has been steadily promoting, teaching and modeling culture redemption in the Philippines and around the world. In a landmark shift of focus and philosophy, the Lausanne Committee of World Evangelization,
one of the Bible-based Christianity’s biggest and most influential bodies recognized the importance and indispensability of redeeming culture and arts in its 5th International Forum held in Thailand in 2004. Pastor Ed Lapiz was invited to this historical gathering where he contributed insights and experience in this pioneering ministry, especially in drafting the Lausanne 2004 Forum declaration on redeeming the arts. To God’s glory, the ministry of cultural redemption espoused and advocated by Pastor Ed Lapiz has been steadily growing both in the Philippines and around the world.