Pastor Ed Lapiz  Day by Day Ministries Cultural Redemption


The Soul of the Filipino in Dance

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Redeemed Music and Dances

Click map to compare with a map of the Philippines by Ferdinand Blumentritt depicting the distributions of its tribes and languages.

For the past 16 years, Pastor Ed Lapiz of Day By Day Ministries has been redeeming culture. Redeeming what has been forgotten and neglected.

Redeeming dance, music, artifacts and instruments.

KALOOB has extensive cultural research of almost half of the country’s 110 known indigenous groups, from the Cordilleras, down to the frontier of Tawi-Tawi, the land of the gentle Sama Di Laut. Among these are documented and recorded researches of more than 200 dances, musical pieces, folk literature, chanted epics and rituals.

"They were but a handful who still knew it well. There was reluctance, for this was a holy dance. But being Filipino, the need to be hospitable to the kind visitor was powerful.

“They relented and, like teachers, showed how a particular gesture is made, how to balance on one leg with grace, and how to be one with the spirit."

Lady in genuine Yakan costume from the ancient looms of Basilan dance the Titik Tabawan at the Folk Arts Theatre of the Philippines, home of the Kaloob Dance Company and Day by Day Ministries.